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Boat Airdopes 441 Vs ImpulseBeats T20 Comparison

Boat Airdopes 441 Vs ImpulseBeats T20


Today we will compare boat airdopes 441 vs ImpulseBeats T20 true wireless Bluetooth earbuds. Both these TWS almost have the same price. But which one is better in sound quality, battery life, gaming latency(PUBG), and calling quality. ImpulseBeats is the new company, but these earbuds perform well in real uses.

Boat Airdopes 441 Vs ImpulseBeats T20 Specifications Comparison

Specifications & Features

Boat Airdopes 441

ImpulseBeats T20

Bluetooth Version(connectivity)



Music Playback time

3.5 hours
4.5 hours
Charging Case Backup

 14 hours(charge earbuds 4 times)

15.5 hours(4xcharge earbuds)

Earbuds Battery Capacity


Charging Case Battery


Earbuds Driver


Charging Port


Type C

IPX Rating



Colour Available

Active Black, Bumblebee Yellow, Raging Red, Spirit Lime, Sporty Blue





Buttons Control

Touch Control

Touch control

Special Features

IWP (Insta Wake N' Pair) Technology

IWP (Insta Wake N' Pair) Technology

Additional Features


Control volume with buttons

Earbuds Warranty

1 year

1 year

Total Playback

18 hours

20 hours


50 g

40 g

Price in India

Difference Between Boat Airdopes 441 and ImpulseBeats T20

Boat 441 vs ImpulseBeats T20  Sound Quality Comparison

If we talk about the sound quality of both TWS, then boat airdopes 441 and ImpulseBeats T20 have almost the same sound quality.
Both earbuds offer decent quality punchy thumping bass performance and the overall balanced audio performance. They offer all frequency lows mids and high with right balance. So you can buy any earbuds for the sound quality they will not disappoint you.

Boat Airdopes 441 Vs ImpulseBeats T20: Calling Quality Comparison

Both earbuds offer good calling quality with the help of the inbuilt mic. But the ImpulseBeats T20 true earbuds offer more clear calling performance compare to airdopes 441 twin earbuds. So you can buy ImpulseBeats T20 if you talk with the help of the earbuds.

Battery Performance

Battery performance in both these earbuds is almost the same. So you can get good battery performance in these earbuds. They offer music playback time between 3 to 4 hours.

Gaming Latency Comparison between Boat 441 and ImpulseBeats T20

Both true wireless earphones provide good gaming latency (lag) during gameplay(like PUBG). But the ImpulseBeats T20 boat offers slight low latency than the boat airdopes 441 earbuds. If you like to play games wearing earbuds. Then you will enjoy very low latency gaming with ImpulseBeats T20 TWS.

Other Features

Almost all features in both these true earbuds are the same. But in ImpulseBeats T20 you can control volume through earbuds touch button. So you do not need to touch you phone for volume control. You can not control volume through touch panel in boat airdopes 441.

Conclusion: Boat Airdopes 441 Vs ImpulseBeats T20. Which is the best TWS under Rs 2500?

If your primary preference is gaming, sound quality, volume control through earbud, and calling then ImpulseBeats T20 is the right choice for you. If you want stylish earbuds with many color options, sound quality, and brand earbuds then you can buy Boat Airdopes 441. The price of ImpulseBeats T20 is 100 rupees more than boat 441.

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