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BOAT AIRDOPES 511v2 Twin Earbuds Review

BOAT AIRDOPES 511v2 Twin Earbuds Review

Boat Airdopes 511V2 TWS Ear-Buds with IWP Technology, Ergonomic Never Drop Design, Classy Build, Bluetooth V5.0, Up to 30H Total Playback, IPX4, Dual Microphones and Immersive Sound(Active Black)

Have you ever been in a situation, where you’re grooving and dancing to your favorite song
and all of a sudden, the music stops and your earphones they are down on the ground, don’t
overthink! you just danced with your full energy and entangled your earphones and caused a
minor accident.

From entangled earphones and extremely expensive Apple earpods, to
attractive headphones but with low battery life or poor connectivity, we all have faced these
minor accidents that hamper our connection with music.

But don’t be upset, BoAt brings you a brand new product the wireless in-ear ‘BoAt Eardopes 511v2’ which solves almost all of these problems mentioned above at a reasonable price.

Let’s look at a detailed description of
this product. To begin with, let’s talk about the Brand itself, ‘BoAt’. Let’s focus upon the
details of the product


‘BoAt’ is one of the brands, which focuses primarily on providing their users vogue electronic
gadgets such as Speakers, Travel Chargers, Headphones and Earphones enhancing the quality
of music for their users, which they refer as ‘BoAtheads’.

The brand started off their journey in 2016 and has been working hard to spread the love and pleasure of music to it’s users
everywhere and today it is classified as ‘INDIA’S TOP MOST AUDIO BRAND’ As the brand
itself states, that BoAt products are for those, full of fun and frolic, who live their life dancing
to music and for those who face their adversities with a smile.


Use of IWP (Insta wake N’ Pair) technology, preparing the Airdopes to connect
automatically when the case opens.
● Great wireless experience with the latest Bluetooth v5.0
● A total of 6 hours of usage after charging it one time.
● Gives you ultimate chills with their HD sound.
● Both of the earbuds have a battery life of about 60 mAh.


The BoAt Airdopes 511v2, brings a revolution in the field of audio electronic gadgets, which
is designed as an in-ear earbud, a wireless audio product with 2 earbud shaped earphones,
which are facilitated with the latest technology.

These wireless Airdopes are designed with
the use of IWP TECHNOLOGY, that is, the Insta Wake N’ Pair technology, because of
which the earbuds automatically get ready to be paired as soon as you open the case. Besides
this, the Bluetooth connectivity of the product seems amazing.

While most of us have faced
issues, while connecting with products that run on Bluetooth, an Instant Bluetooth
Connectivity system of V5.0 found in this product ensures the connection of your phone and
the BoAt Airdopes 511v2 very easily.

Most of us might use earpods or earphones to enjoy
music while doing their routine work out, jogging or while having an evening walk after
dinner. So for you guys, sweating so much and running miles for your fitness, BoAt takes
care of your fitness as well, because of which, these earbuds are built with a waterproof
technique of IPX4, preventing any damage caused by water or sweat.

Battery Life of any product seems to be of a great deal for almost all of us, obviously people
wont appreciate a product much, whose battery drains so quickly. Well, each earbud of BoAt
Airdopes 511v2, has a battery life of 60mAh individually.

This comes along with a bonus, if
you charge them one time, they work efficiently for as long as 6 hours. The Co founder had
lots of appreciation and great compliments about this product. This pair of earbuds have
buttons on the surface itself, enabling easy control of the volume and the play or pause
motion, ensuring smooth functioning.

BoAt Airdopes 511v2 have proved very essential
functioning during phone calls. And the most important factor about this product is that it is
portable. You can safely carry them on your travel journey, as they aren’t that heavy or bulky
to carry and occupy very little space


Revie of boat airdopes 511v2 true earphones

BoAt Airdopes 511v2 are secured with a 500mAh comfortable carry case, an important
accessory in this case includes, the charger, which takes upto 2 hours to completely charge
these Earbuds.

A manual is provided in the case, so you can check it anytime if you feel
confused. The only color available is the Active Black wear, which seems bold and classy.
The earbuds are roughly of 5.5g and are easy to carry anywhere.

The operating distance of
the product is 10 metres, along with a frequency of 20Hz to 20KHz. Well, about the price of
this amazing product, currently, it is on sale on Amazon. You can grab your pair at the rate of
just Rs. 2,999. Well, now that you know everything about this amazing product, what are you
waiting for, go check out Amazon and order your set.

Boat Airdopes 511v2 Sound Quality and Calling Perfomrance

Boat airdopes 511v2 sound quality is not good. Because some of the other true earbuds offer good audio quality in the same price range compare to boat 511v2. The bass of the earbud is also not decent. The overall audio performance of this true earbuds is average.

If you are talking a lot on the earbuds, then you can consider these earbuds. Because this earbud comes with a dual microphone that offers us outstanding calling quality. So you can use it calling purpose without any doubt.


As i look at this product closely and go through all the functions of the product BoAt 511v2
in detail, i find this product to be very useful and efficient to use. You definitely wouldn’t
want to compromise on the sound quality of your favorite music.

From portability, to
reasonable pricing, to attractive appearance of the product and finally to the use of latest
technological features in this product, if i were to rate this product out of 10, i would
definitely rate it 10/10.

This product is like a game changer in the field of Audio electronics.
And definitely will be loved by everyone who wish to have superior quality of music. In
short, this product is a great hit. You would definitely miss out on a lot, if you don’t grab this
product as soon as possible.

Boat Airdopes 511v2 FAQ :
1.Does it function smoothly with both ios and Android?
A: Yes, it functions smoothly with both IOS and Android.

2.Is it necessary to put the Earbuds inside the case while charging?
A: Yes, it is considered important to keep the Airdopes in the case or the charging box.

3.Is the product available in any other color?
A: Active Black is the only color in which the product is available.

4.Do the Airdopes function good enough during video calls?
A: Yes, they function great even during video calls.

5.What can be done if the charging case is damaged?
A: You can contact and ask for Warranty claim, if the product seems damaged.


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