Pebble Flash Power Bank Features, Specs, Price in India 2020

Pebble flash power banks india

An exciting launch by Amazon on Amazon prime day special sale on the 6th and 7th of August 2020 is the new pebble power banks starting from an affordable price of just 649 rupees.

These pebble power banks provide many spectacular features and cover everything you can possibly ask for in a power bank. Let us have an in-depth discussion of the same.

Pebble Flash Power Bank Price, Specs and Features

• Firstly, let us talk about the design. I like other power banks available in the market which are extremely heavy and awkward to carry in your pockets. The pebble power Bank is exceptionally lightweight and slim.

This power bank is easy to carry and is as thin as a mobile phone. It also has a decent finish and a luxurious vibe to it. It is so compact in nature that it fits into one’s palm without any difficulty.

• It comes in 2 colour variants, namely, black and white

• It lives up to its tagline which says “believe in higher power” and comes with the massive battery backup of 20000 mAh

• This pebble Power Bank is compatible with all types of electronic gadgets and is truly universal in nature. This power bank is equipped with three types of ports.

One is the micro USB port, which supports devices that has micro USB type charging. Another is a type c port that supports devices that has type c charging. The last port Is for your laptop.

This universal nature of the power bank makes it extremely practical to use. You don’t need to carry separate power Banks if you have two different devices that support two different types of charging.

You also do not need to take different types of charging cables or chargers of your mobiles, laptops, and other devices. This pebble power bank will charge them all.

• There is also a feature for inbuilt micro USB type c and lightning cables. This is also very well-thought-out because it is complicated to carry three different types of cables for multiple devices.

As it can be attached to the power bank, it will also not get lost easily.

• This power Bank by pebble supports flash charging or ultra-fast charging and can provide a maximum power of up to 18 watts.

It is claimed that this pebble power bank charges devices faster than any other power Bank available in the market.

• This power Bank by Pebble comes with 10-way circuit protection, which means you absolutely don’t need to live with the constant fear of short circuits. Your safety is assured with this product.

• This pebble power bank also comes with a LED indicator to indicate charging mode and the current battery power

• The price has been set as extremely affordable, evaluating all the specifications and features provided by the pebble power Bank.

Be sure to look out for this power bank during the amazon prime day special sale because this feature-packed pebble power Bank is a deal that you wouldn’t want to miss.

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