Ptron Latest Bluetooth Earphones in India 2020(August)

Ptron Latest Bluetooth Earbuds 2020

pTron is one of the largest mobile accessories company based in India. pTron is launching three new Bluetooth headphones on Amazon Prime Day sale this year. Well! Amazon Prime Day sale is starting on the 6th of August. The best part of this sale is that these headphones offered at a highly discounted price in their best features. 

PTron brand is known for providing the best earbuds, sound systems, and connectivity. Never disappointing, they are back with their new collection with their promising quality.   

Ptron Latest Bluetooth Earphones in India

pTron launches are pTron Tangent Lite Wireless Headphone, pTron Bassbuds Urban True Wireless Headphone, and pTron Tangent Beats Magnetic In-Ear Headphone. 

This article covers the various distinguishing features of these headphones and their stunning prices. Let see through it. 

 Read the article below. Don’t forget to grab it in the sale.

pTron Bassbuds Urban True Wireless Headphone   

Ptron Bassbuds Urban

 PTron Bassbuds Urban is a true Wireless Headphone designed with stereo earbuds with its price mentioned as Rs. 1299. It comes in only one color-Black. The Rich black color gives a massive look and fits our daily look. 

 This advanced wireless headphone is new with unique features. It comes with all the essential requirements.  It has a good finish with heavy bass.

Best Features of pTron Bassbuds Urban True Wireless Headphone  

  •  It is featured in ultra-lightweight with each earbud weighing only 4 gm. 
  • It built with Microphones.  
  • It is created with a comfortable Ergonomic design for a better experience. 
  • It shields water splashes in all directions and is resistant to water to the utmost level.  
  • It is made with sweat-resistant ear tips.
  • It provides excellent call quality with clarity.
  • It created with 10 mm drivers enhances crystal audio performance with low latency.  
  • Even more, faster connectivity is developed through Bluetooth V.5.0   
  • Premium Stereo Sounds with super bass.
  •  The powerful bass control enhanced through A2DP technology.  
  • Easy and Smart Touch Controls. The touch sensors make every controls quick without any delay.  
  • Instant access to Voice Assistant of our mobile devices like Alexa and Siri. This advanced feature makes communication and controls easier,  
  • It is developed with a 400 mAh charging case. It recharges the case three times faster.
  • The Charging case takes only 1.5 hours to recharge fully.
  • Once charged, it gives a continuous playtime of about 15 hours.
  • It is 100% brand new at an affordable price. 

pTron Tangent Lite Wireless Headphones 

pTron Tangent Lite

pTron ‘ Tangent Lite Wireless Headphone’ is a Bluetooth headphone with a neckband.  The neckband gives a long-time friendly experience.

It is coming in four elegant colors. They are Midnight Black, Fresh Green, Wine Red, and Vibrant Yellow. Only the body of the headphones is colored, the earbud is black in all models.

It is designed well to fit our ears with magnetic earbuds. It gives a high stereo sound effect.

On the whole, it is recommended for sports use. Its specified price is 499 only.  

Best Features of pTron Tangent Lite Wireless Headphones  

  • The earbuds cover our ear canal with their design. It helps in avoiding a large amount of external noise. Thus, facilitating advance noise cancellation.  
  •  Nevertheless, the earbuds designed with magnetic absorption makes it more friendly to use.  
  •  The Super flexible and elastic neckband is comfortable for the neck and used for gym and sports purposes easily. 
  • Quick and effective Button controls with three inline buttons. The buttons are easy to reach. They provide access to Google assistants like Alexa and Siri.  
  • Instant pairing is enabled through Bluetooth 5.0, provides seamless audio and video streaming.
  •  It built with a Microphone with 10 mm drivers for a faster and stable connection.
  •  It is made with a micro USB pointer created on the side to the Button controls for charging. It also comes with LED indicators.   
  • The battery made of a 125 mAh charging system makes charging faster within 1.5 hours. 
  •  It delivers a playtime of 6 hours and talks time of 6 hours once charged.  
  • It created with a composite diaphragm and 10 mm bass boost drivers give a soul-touching music experience.
  • It records very low distortion and low frequency with robust bass quality. The audio performance is just suitable for any dynamic music experience.    

pTron Tangent Beats Magnetic In-Ear Headphones  

Ptron Tangent Beats

  PTron Tangent Beats Magnetic In-Ear Headphone is a Bluetooth headset with well-balanced dynamic sound quality taking us to the world of music.

They are featured with latest Bluetooth version 5.0. They display very low latency streaming. They are designed super flexible giving a roll and wrap experience.

It comes in three vibrant colors. They are Lava Red, Cyber Yellow, and Matte Black. Its specified discounted price is Rs.699.  

Best Features of pTron Tangent Beats Magnetic In-Ear Headphone  

  • The ergonomic design is just comfortable.  
  • The neckband is super flexible and flat. It is created in 26g lightweight for the good wearing experience. 
  • It built with magnetic earbuds with magnetic Lock for compatible use.  
  • Earbuds made of silica add to a softer experience.
  • Ear tips are sweat-resistant
  • It featured with simple button controls. The buttons placed inline provides functions of play, pause, rewind, fast forward with LED indicators.  
  • They provide Instant access to Voice Assistant of our mobile devices. They guide us with communication, directions, and music.  
  •  Bluetoothv5.0 is fast featured with very low latency streaming. Stable connections help in well synced audio and video.  
  •  It provides super bass, mid, high sound quality. HD sound made with stereo effect.  
  • They are enhanced with dynamic 10 mm boost drivers made up neodymium. They give heavy bass.
  • The battery made of Li-polymer has a capacity of 100 mAh. It gives a talk time of 7 hours and a playtime of 6 hours.  
  • The battery supports 100 hours of standby time.
  • The charging time of 1.5 hours is enough for complete charging.

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