Skyfly Xbot Ge200 Features, Specs, Price 2020(august)

Skyfly Xbot GE200 - Wired Gaming Earphones with Triple Driver and Dual mic (one mic Detachable)

Excited about gaming? Your earphones don’t give you that unbeatable experience? Well, here is Skyfly presenting its new XBot series designed exclusively for all crazy gamers.

Play any game, any time! This wired earphone shall give you the best gaming experience ever! Let’s have a look at the amazing features.

Skyfly Xbot Ge200 Specifications, Best Features, Price, Review

Triple driver with dual mic-

If you’re passionate about gaming, then you would surely be passionate about choosing the right earphones to play with. The XBot GE200 has the triple driver facility that will provide you crystal clear sound quality.

Gamers, you know pretty well that to win the game you need to be very attentive to the footsteps, bullets and other minute sounds.

This facility of XBot GE200 gives you that kind of experience. With XBot GE200, you have zero chance of imperfections in sound clarity.

So, you can delve deep into that excellent gaming experience with this earphone. The dual mic serves regular and gaming purpose.

  • Detachable mic for gaming
  • 3.5mm gold-plated audio jack-

The gold-plated audio jack reduces the possibility of corrosion that can result in signal loss.

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Earbuds with comfortable fit-

Of course, you can’t spare a second for adjusting your earbuds while gaming. Don’t worry, the earbuds of XBot GE200 wouldn’t trouble you with that. These earbuds fit properly in your ears without falling off every now and then.

Cable length-

1.2m long cable

  • Ideal earphones for playing games like PUBG and Fortnite. If you’re a game addict searching for the right earphone to fit your games, then, this one here should definitely be your first choice.

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