Techfire HBS 730 Features, Specs, Review, Price 2020

If you are looking for a extremely cheap headset for your daily chores with exceptional functions, you can try out the new Techfire HBS 730 wireless neckband Bluetooth earphones.

Amazon is selling them currently at a 73 percent discount, which reduces their price drastically from 1299 to a mere 349 rupees. 

Techfire HBS 730

Techfire HBS 730 Specifications(Specs) and Features

  • It is found with the Bluetooth 4.1 version, and it gives an instant, smooth, and reliable wireless connection.
  • They are compact in size, which provides a snug fit and does not fall out of the ears very easily. Appropriate for use in the gym or outdoor while performing any extreme physical activity.
  • Sound Quality of these earphones is exceptional in nature with clear and audible call quality.
  • With an inbuilt noise cancellation technology, these Techfire HBS 730 wireless neckband Bluetooth earphones can provide an uninterrupted and enjoyable musical experience even in the noisiest crowds.
  • You can plug the earphones into your ears and get lost in your musical world. The car import chip also helps in improving the Quality of the audio significantly.
  • The neckband is very flexible and soft and also lightweight at the same time. There is also a magnetic lock which helps in secure storage, and it is convenient to use.
  • Whenever there is an incoming call, you get an alert through the alarm system. This makes sure you never miss any urgent request.
  • This Techfire HBS 730 wireless neckband Bluetooth earphone comes with a lithium polymer battery having capacity 180 mAh, which can last up to 8 hours.
  • The standby time is up to 300 hours, and the charging time is less than 2 hours. The battery has an inbuilt energy-saving mode.
  • ¬†TheTechfire HBS 730 wireless neckband Bluetooth earphone is available in two colors, black and white.

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