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Truke Fit Pro Review, Specifications, Price, Features 2020

Truke Fit Pro Review

Recently, the Indian market is getting filled with low priced truly wireless earbuds that are claiming to fulfill all the needs of the user while at the same time not burning a hole in their pockets.

Today we will take up one such affordable truly wireless earbuds by truke, truke fitpro review, and discuss elaborately the features and specifications of this earbud.

By the end of the article, you will realize for yourself whether you need this earbud in your life or not.

Truke Fit Pro Review, Specifications, Price, Features 2020

We already know that we truly wireless earbuds by truke are priced quite low, but do they provide amazing features as well? Are you ready to find out?

In the box of truke fit pro

  • Truke fit pro pair
  • Charging case
  • Sling
  • Type c cable
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

Truke Fit Pro Box itmes

Sound and performance(mic) of the truke fit Pro

The truke fit Pro comes with a 13mm driver and streams audio at SBC codec only.

The bass is moderately boosted which was quite unexpected considering the price.

However, the treble sounded so artificial that it was uncomfortable after a while and could even damage your ears if you listen at full volume for longer duration.

The sound gets quite distorted at high volumes and the bass only sounds good up to 60% volume.

The highs and the different instruments cannot be differentiated and all are mixed up together into one huge mess.

The call quality is also not that great. There is only one microphone and neither of the two people involved in the call can hear each other clearly. The voices also sound muffled and many words are not even audible.

Trueke Fit Pro Specificatons and features

Headphone TypeTWS Earbuds(true wireless stereo)
Bluetooth Versionv5.0
Battery of the charging case500 mAh
Earbuds Battery Capacity40 mAh
Playback Duration4.5 hours earbuds

24 hours case

MIcrophone(Mic)Supports stereo calling
Control TypesButton controls (Play/Pause/Change track/redial last number/ voice assistance)
Voice AssistanceSupports Siri, Google
Sweat and Water Resistance
Earbud driver size 13mm driver
Charging Time2-3 hours
Wireless Bluetooth Range 30m
Charging Type Port C type
Warranty of the earbuds1 year 
Weight of earphones 43g
Dimensions 6.3*4.3*2.5 cm


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Trueke Fit Pro Design, build quality and comfort

Truke Fit Pro

Truke fit Pro is available in 3 colours black, green and blue

The earbuds themselves appear quite plastic and cheap, much like the plastic used in kid’s toys.

Truke fit pro earphones have a really unique design and the company is claiming that it looks like a dolphin head. This design is very uneasy to wear and has a protruding end which keeps them from fitting perfectly.

Hence the fit is very loose and can fall off during any physical activity. Also, the design is not very comfortable to wear and can poke the ears if worn for longer durations.

They have LED light to indicate connectivity which is a bonus.

Battery performance of truke fit pro

The company claims that the charging case has a lithium polymer battery of 500 mAh and the earbuds have a capacity of 40 mAh. 

The truke fit pro earbuds alone give a continuous audio playback time of 4.5 hours while with the case, they give a total playback time of 24 hours.

It also supports fast charging which gives one hour of playback for just 15 minutes of charge. It takes 12 hours to fully charge.

Truke Pro Button control and features

Truke Fit Pro controls

Truke fit Pro does not come with touch control rather it has a multifunctional button for all basic needs.

One can play/pause the current track with a single press.

When the button on the right bud is pressed for long the next track starts playing

When the button on the left bud is pressed for long the previous track starts playing

When the button on the left bud is pressed twice Google assistant is launched

When the button on the right bud is pressed twice the last number is redialed.

There is no option for controlling the volume.

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Connectivity option in fit pro

Their power with the latest technology of Bluetooth v5.0 and they claim Bluetooth connectivity lasts up to 30 meters

There were a few hiccups here and there in connectivity and it was impeded a few times.

The automatic pairing and auto power-off works perfectly.

There is a slight delay between the audio and video. It is not noticeable while watching videos but for gamers, this could be a massive problem. Overall this is not the ideal earbud for gaming purposes.

Truke Fit Pro Charging case and LED indicator

Truke Fit Pro case

The charging case comes in three colours, black, green, and blue. It is made up of plastic but it does not seem inexpensive. It has a velvety matte finish and a premium feel to it.

It is also very portable and compact. Surprisingly, it comes with c type charging port which is not only absent in many earbuds of a similar price range but also unavailable in pricier TWS.

The finish on the case is quite rushed because it contains a number of pointed edges and there is also a huge gap between the joints.

The lid also does not have a magnetic lock and the magnetic attraction between the case and the earbuds are quite loose and earbuds may fall off easily.

It comes with 4 LED lights to indicate the charge level.

Truke Fit Pro Pros with Cons

Truke Fit PROS:

  • The price is very economical when compared to its features.
  • It has a c type charging port which is missing in many of its competitors coming from a comparable price range
  • Truke fit pro comes with a case which has a luxurious finish and in no way feels cheap
  • There are LED lights which indicate the charge level in the case and connectivity in earbuds.
  • The connectivity is quite acceptable when the price is considered.
  • Bass is moderately boosted and it comes with a 13 mm audio driver.
  • The earbuds have a unique dolphin head design.

Truke Fit Pro CONS:

  • The design is quite uncomfortable to wear for longer intervals and the fit is also not proper. They might fall off while exercising or walking
  • The audio quality is not that great and also may seem unnatural at times. The call quality isn’t that great either and there is no clarity in the voices.
  • There were fluctuations in connectivity and it was not completely smooth or seamless.
  • It doesn’t have touch controls

 Conclusion: Truke Fit Pro Review

Truke fit pro earbuds might seem tempting to any person hunting for a truly wireless earphone with a tight budget, they do come with some cons as well.

These earbuds offer an impressive battery backup and a total audio playback time of 24 hours which is pretty decent considering the price. The case is designed to give a expensive feel and it comes with c type charging feature.

However, the pros end here. The microphone isn’t that great and the sound quality is somewhat disappointing.  

However, if you are looking for an affordable truly wireless earbud and do not have very high expectations, the true fit pro earbuds might be your best bet.


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