Wecool Moonwalk M1 Review 2020(October)

weecool moonwalk m1 review 2020

Wecool Moonwalk M1 Review

Wecool, as a brand, has been churning out a number of quality electronics like earphones, headsets, headphones, truly wireless earbuds, etc at unbelievable prices with all the features that one looks for in these gadgets.

Wecool moonwalk M1 is their latest release which has captured the Indian market because it has stunning features at an unbelievable price.

In this post, we will discuss the specifications and features of wecool moonwalk M1 in minute details and give our unbiased review on all of its important characteristics like sound audio quality, battery backup, microphone, audio calling feature, connectivity, and others.

Wecool Moonwalk M1 Review, Price, Specifications, Features, Launch

Wecool moonwalk M1 has been making a lot of claims lately, and in this article, we will examine how truthful these claims actually are. Let’s start with what’s in the box.

Box items and accessories

The box contains:

  • Wecool  truly wireless earbud pair 
  • Two pairs of extra ear tips
  • 1 USB charging cable
  • One user manual
  • Thank you card
  • A strap which can be added to charging case
Wecool Moonwalk M1 content

Wecool Moonwalk M1 Sound and Music Performance

Wecool moonwalk m1s comes with a unique titanium driver for installing audio experience, however, they have not mentioned the dimensions of the driver anywhere.

The bass is quite average, not heavily boosted and almost negligible, treble is decent and vocals are crisp and clear. Also comes with an inbuilt noise cancellation feature and noise isolation feature.

There is no distortion in sound quality up to 80% of volume.

At this price range, one cannot really expect any more from these earbuds.

Wecool Moonwalk M1 Features  and Specifications

Headset TypeTWS Earbuds
Bluetooth Versionv5.0
Charging Case Battery350 mAh
Earbud Battery Capacity50 mAh
Playback Time4 hours earbuds10 hours case
MicSupports stereocalling
Control TypeButton control (Play/Pause/Change track/Accept or Reject Calls)
Voice AssistanceSupports Siri, Google
Sweat and Water ResistanceIPX5
Standby Time120 hours
Charging Time1-2 hours
Wireless Bluetooth Range10 m
Charging TypeMicro USB
Warranty6 months
Weight3.5 g
Dimensions4.8*4.8*3 cm

Build quality, design, and comfort

The build of the earbuds is quite lightweight and comfortable. They are shiny black in color and made up of abs plastic which adds a cheap feel to it.

Considering the price, it is quite understandable that the company has done cost-cutting on the appearance to maintain decent quality.

The ear tips are quite flexible and soft and can be customized according to the shape of the ears of any user.

They weigh 3.5 grams each, have a charging pin on one side, and an LED light indicator, which indicates connectivity, on the other. They fit well and do not fall off during any activity.

Wecool Moonwalk M1 Battery performance

Wecool Moonwalk M1 battery

The earbuds are equipped with a lithium polymer battery of 50 mAh and can ensure an uninterrupted playback time or call time of up to four hours.

The charging case comes with a battery capacity of 350 mAh and gives a total time of 10 hours. The earbuds can be charged two-three times using the case.

These truly wireless earphones take almost 1 to 2 hours to charge fully.

Wecool Moonwalk M1 Button control and functionality

These truly wireless earphones by wecool, wecool moonwalk m1 does not have touch control but come with multi-functional press buttons.

On pressing the left earbud one time, the user can play any track. On pressing it twice the user can play the next track.

On pressing the right earbud once, the user can receive the incoming call or play the audio track. On pressing a twice the user can play the previous track and if the right earbud is pressed for a longer duration, one can also reject the incoming call.

Connectivity and IPX rating

These truly wireless earphones come with the latest version of Bluetooth, that is, v 5.0, and the Bluetooth range is claimed to be up to 10 meters.

There was no issue faced during connectivity and once it is connected via Bluetooth for the first time to any device, it will automatically get connected to that device from the next time. (Supports automatic pairing)

There is no specific chipset used which is quite understandable considering the price.

It also has been certified within an ipx rating of 5 which indicates that it is safe from water splashes and dust. One can easily wear them during jogging, running or in the gym.

This earbud will be particularly useful in the monsoon season as it will not be damaged by rain.

Wecool Moonwalk M1 Charging case and indicator

Wecool Moonwalk M1 case

The charging case is quite lightweight and compact. This is also made of plastic, is shiny, and feels quite cheap.

It has the moonwalk logo and information about the manufacture and company on one side and a micro USB cable port for charging on the other.

It does not support C type charging. No one would even expect it at this price.

It also has an option to attach a strap on one side which makes it easier to carry and transport.

It also has an interesting feature. the upper part of the charging case is transparent through which the user can see a LED display which shows exactly how much percentage of the battery has been charged.

This is a very useful feature and kudos to the company for introducing it in these truly wireless earbuds at this price.

This feature is absent in many costly earbuds and can be a matter of convenience for many.

The truly wireless earbuds come with a magnetic case which ensures the earbuds are well connected while charging.

It also has an auto on and off feature to save power

Wecool Moonwalk M1 Pros and cons


  • It comes at a very cheap price.
  • It has a decent battery capacity and audio playback time.
  • The sound quality is above-average considering the price range. Voice during calls is quite clear.
  • It comes with the LED display indicating exactly how much percentage of the battery has been charged.
  • The earbuds are very light and trendy. One can wear them and forget about them. They are also very snug and comfortable.
  • Equipped with the latest Bluetooth version v5.0 and has no issues in connectivity
  • It has an IPX5 rating which protects it from sweat and water.


  • The packaging is quite flimsy and appears cheap.
  • The bass is not heavily boosted and the noise cancellation feature isn’t that great.
  • There is no indication about which earbud is left and which earbud is right which can be an inconvenience for some.


You saw wecool moonwalk m1 review. These truly wireless earbuds have a few demerits but considering the price, it is still a steal deal.

These earbuds have an adequate playback time of three hours and a total time of 10 hours.

It is also very pocket friendly and offers excellent sound quality and calling functions at this price. Furthermore, it also has an additional feature of a LED display indicating battery life.

Anyone looking for a budget-friendly decent quality earbud can invest in wecool moonwalk m1 and never regret their decision.

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