Wipro Alexa Smart Light Features, Specs, Price 2020(August)

Another smart electronic gadget which is scheduled to be launched at Amazon on their Amazon prime day special sale exclusively available for Prime members on the 6th and 7th August this year 2020 is the Wipro wireless smart bulb. Amazon has only revealed some of its spectacular features

Wipro Alexa Smart Light Bulb Features, Specifications(Specs), Latest Price

The Wipro wireless-enabled smart bulb can be operated from anywhere in the world by using the Wipro next smart home app.

No additional connection or app is required.the only thing that matters is the bulb has to be within the range of one’s Wi-Fi router. It can be controlled through the Alexa.

Wipro Alexa Enabled Smart Light Top Features

  • This Wipro smart light bulb comes with a huge inbuilt 4000mah powerful battery.
  • Wipro smart light supports dual charging features and also has 2 levels of brightness.
  • The smart light will provide up to 50000 hours of illumination time.

• This Wipro wireless-enabled smart bulb offers a variety of 16 million colours of every possible shade and combinations, unlike other smart bulbs that are available in the market.

The tone of the colour and the brightness can be controlled through the Wipro next smart home app available on the Apple app store in iOS and on the Google play store in Android.

You can choose absolutely any colour from this wide range of shades according to the occasion on your mood

• You can also create different routines through the Wipro app or via Alexa. This means that you can choose to dim your lights or want to turn them on at a particular time on a specific day according to your choice.

You can also create certain scenes according to your temperament and the circumstances, but that is only supported through the Wipro app and not through Alexa. More information about Wipro wireless-enabled smart bulb will be available later on.

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